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The Finale-Ending as Champions

Members of IMPULSE (SSr3) after their win!

Although our regular season is over, this weekend three of our teams decided to compete at Diamond Cheer and Dance's The Finale to wrap up the end of their season. Atomic, Ignite, and Impulse earned paid bids to this event at a regional competition in Anderson, SC a few months ago. Teams to receive paid bids had to have the highest scores in their level and the awards session. Many of our teams including Blackout and Voltage also earned paid bids to this event but chose to end their season at Myrtle Beach, where Blackout took home the title of National Champions.

The Finale was held in sunny Jacksonville, FL in a one-day competition. Our teams stepped on the floor for the last time and brought their all. Atomic, having a record season with finishing in 1st every competition but one, came for redemption this weekend. These ladies may be young for their division and small in size, but they were fierce in their skills. They hit their stunts with ease and had a ZERO DEDUCTION performance. After the competition, these best friends enjoyed time at the pool and hanging out before wrapping up for the weekend. It has been such a pleasure watching these girls come in and work hard throughout the season. Even at such a young age, these athletes are constantly seen in tumbling classes and flight school to become better athletes. Congrats Atomic and we hope to see your work ethic continue into next season.

Ignite hit the floor on Saturday with confidence and lots of smiles. This team performed an amazing routine despite having to fill people in this week. These ladies won their division and should be proud of the routine they put on this weekend. To say that this team has made leaps and bounds from what they were last June would be an understatement. The athletes on this team took the challenge at the beginning of this season and pushed themselves further than we ever imagined. Ignite, you are awesome!

Impulse put on one of the best performance of their season this weekend with more fire than we have seen. This team has also faced many setbacks this season but we are blown away with how these leaders have stepped up and not taken defeat as an answer. The tumbling this weekend had great technique and the stunts were solid. To Impulse, thank you for finishing the season with strong hearts, good attitudes, and role models for the rest of the gym. We are so proud of you and your 1st place win!

Results of the day

Atomic: 5th Place (HIT 0)
Ignite: 1st Place
Impulse: 1st Place

Best Routines of the season




What's next? TRYOUTS ARE NEXT!! Season 12 tryouts will be held Saturday May 11th. Registration is $75 and must be filled out prior to tryouts. Ages and times are listed in the announcements banner on the home page, as well as a link to the registration. A reminder to returning athletes that you must register again as well. If you have any questions about our tryout process feel free to contact us!

Signing off

As a gym this season, one of our goals was to step up our social media presence, as well as our website to make them tools for you to get the best out of our program. It has been so much fun documenting this season and seeing all of our amazing athletes shine. We hope that you have enjoyed the steps we have taken to make our website more user friendly, the blog to keep you updated on how our program is doing, and the social media alerts we have been using. We are always open to feedback and suggestions on how to make this site better for you, so shoot us an email at Thank you for your support and it has been a pleasure writing to you all this season. Signing off for season 11 but bring on SEASON 12!

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