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Blackout and impulse gain Summit Bids

This weekend was full of so many unexpected and wonderful accomplishments for our athletes. Blackout and Impulse both received At-Large bids to the D2 Summit, making 4 of 5 of our eligible teams recipients of bids (the most EVER at Cheer Energy)! In addition, Matrix and Ignite brought home first place titles. We are beyond proud of every one of our teams this season as they continue to impress us each competition.

The growth we have watched on Atomic this season has been incredible to witness. We have watched brand new athletes at the beginning of the season develop into beautiful tumblers, throwing backwalkovers in competition and performing elite level stunts.

Matrix is a team of perseverance. These athletes have been pushed to the max to reach level 2 skills and have stepped up to the plate. Although they have not had much competition this season (Mini Level 2 is a difficult division and very few teams achieve this high level) they have continued to be each other's motivation. Great job ladies on two awesome performances and a 1st place title.

Fusion had a great weekend, having a small deduction day 1 but coming back to hit a zero deduction routine on Day 2. Your coaches could not be more proud of the team you have become. Keep working hard to achieve your goals.

In the last month, Voltage has overcome so many obstacles, however they have turned that struggle into passion to put on two beautiful performances. Saturday's performance blew us out of the water.

Vortex put on a great performance Day 1, receiving one of their highest raw scores all season. They held their own in one of the largest divisions of the competition. Come back to the gym ready to work and finish the season out strong.

Ignite did what Ignite does best... Win, Win, and Win again. Congratulations to these ladies for working hard to finish out this season strong.

Impulse performed two great routines this weekend resulting in a D2 Summit Bid. Coach Steven gave them rings last week and told them to come to Tennessee ready to get a bid... and they exactly that! Huge congratulations to these girls!

Blackout also put in the work to receive a well-deserved D2 Summit bid. This team has fought for years for this accomplishment and the day FINALLY came! Tears of happiness were shed at the gym tonight as athletes on both teams were in complete shock.

Next on our competition journey we are going down the road to Newton-Conover for Fever. Typically this competition is one where we are able to watch and cheer on local teams, however this season due to Covid, it will most likely be at reduced capacity. More information will be posted this week as we receive spectator limits and schedules. Come ready to show the Hickory area how to UNLEASH THE ENERGY!

Atomic: 4th Place
Matrix: 1st Place
Fusion: 8th Place
Voltage: 4th Place
Vortex: 7th Place
Ignite: 1st Place
Impulse: 2nd Place (D2 Summit At-Large Bid)
Blackout: 3rd Place (D2 Summit At-Large Bid)
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