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Frequently asked questions

At Cheer Energy we know that entering the Allstar cheerleading world, or even a new program, can be a bit confusing.  To help ease the transition we have complied a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will clarify any questions you may have.  If you have any questions beyond this or are not answered on the website, please feel free to contact a coach or email

cheer parent 101: Video guide to allstar cheer

If you are interested in joining our program, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to watch the video linked below!  It explains the ins and outs of Allstar cheer including the age grid, level appropriate skills, the score sheet, and so much more.  Please watch this video before asking questions, it is a great resource to all parents!

How much does it cost to cheer at Cheer Energy?

This question is one that we get the most often.  Although these are approximate costs, our owners and coaches try to stay as close as possible to the prices presented in the handbook.  Below is the pricing grid our estimates are based on.  For more info please CLICK HERE to review the handbook.  This chart does not include hotel stay and other travel expenses.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 4.58.05 PM.png

I am interested in cheer but I am looking for fundraising opportunities.  Where do I go?

Great!  Our boosters program, CEPFO (Cheer Energy Parent Fundraising Organization) is run by the parents, for the parents to help offset the cost of competitive cheer.  Laura Davis is head of CEPFO and offers numerous opportunities for parents and kids to get involved.  Be on the lookout for fundraising events in the future!

How many competitions does Cheer Energy compete in?

The amount of competitions typically increases by age.  Our youngest team competes at around 5 competitions, including the beginning of season showcase, while our oldest teams compete at 10-11.  The number of competitions may vary between seasons depending on cost of competition fees, traveling, etc.

What are your tumbling options?

If your athlete is only interested in taking tumbling classes at Cheer Energy, we offer two tumbling options:

$55/month for 1 class a week

$80/month for unlimited classes

Each athlete will only be allowed to attend their level appropriate class until instructed by a coach to move up.  Every Allstar athlete receives unlimited classes in their tuition charge.  Classes for each level are typically available each week day at a variety of times, allowing you flexibility in when your athlete attends.

Can I cheer at school and at Cheer Energy?

We make every effort to allow for our athletes to participate at CE and school sports, however when accommodations cannot be made, we expect our athletes to prioritize their CE team.  This applies to other recurring school functions as well (chorus, band, theater, etc).  If told in advance, we are more likely to work with you and your athlete, as they are allowed 3 absences a semester.  If practice is missed the week of competition the athlete will not be allowed to compete.

How far do we travel for competitions?

We try to stay within a 3 hour radius for single day events.  For two day events we try to stay within a 6 hour drive.  End of year events (Senior trips, D2 Summit, US Finals, etc) may exceed these travel parameters.

Does everyone make a team?

Yes!  Everyone will be placed on their level appropriate team (accounting for tumbling, stunting, maturity, and choreography).  However, being a D2 gym, we are restricted to 125 athletes.

How old do you have to be to cheer?

We offer teams for athletes 3-19.

What is "Prep" vs "Elite"

Because every year is different, in general, prep teams compete at less competitions and have a shorter routine.  This type of team is great for beginners that are still getting their bearings in the sport.  Elite teams receive professional choreography for a 2 min 30 sec routine and compete at up to 11 competitions throughout the season.   Overall the skills that are performed are the same, however elite teams follow slightly different guidelines.

How are teams placed?

We consider ALL aspects of cheerleading when picking teams and consider what is best for both the individual and the program as a whole.  We look at stunting skills, tumbling skills, jumps, dance, flexibility, performance, maturity, and leadership.  When considering "Which skill level am I?", we urge you to look beyond tumbling skills and consider your skill level in every aspect.  We offer both tumbling and flexibility classes for all athletes and HIGHLY encourage you to attend to perfect new skills.


What is CheerAbilities?

Our CheerAbilities team, Explosion, is available for athletes that have disabilities and provides them with a way to form friendships and get healthy exercise.  These athletes learn a routine including stunting, tumbling, jumps, and dance.  Our older elite athletes help with this team to provide support where needed and help make their experience more beneficial.  There are no age restrictions on this team so we encourage all athletes to join.  Explosion's season begins in the fall. 


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