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CE Shows Hickory how its done

Today we spent our day at Newton-Conover High School, at Fever Productions. It was great to see all of the support from our athletes families that were able to come watch throughout the day. Although the competition had a few bumps throughout the day, our teams did awesome and we couldn't be more proud of what our athletes put on the floor.

Next on our competition journey, Atomic, Matrix, Fusion, and Vortex will be traveling to Myrtle Beach to compete at US Finals, the biggest competition they will attend all season. Good luck to all teams as they wrap up their season!

results of the day

Surge: Exhibition
Sparks: 1st Place - Novice Champion
Atomic: 1st Place
Matrix: 1st Place
Fusion: 2nd Place
Voltage: 1st Place - Level 2 Grand Champion
Vortex: 1st Place - Level 3 Grand Champion
Ignite: 1st Place - Level 1 Grand Champion
Impulse: 1st Place
Blackout: 1st Place - Overall Grand Champion
Explosion: Outstanding Performance
Program Awards: Spirit Award, Stunting Award (1st Session), Stunting Award (2nd Session), Best of the Best Gym
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