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Taking Home the Titles in Concord!

Athletes on ATOMIC after their 1st Place win!

What a weekend for Cheer Energy! On Saturday, Atomic, Flash, Fusion, Voltage, Ignite, Impulse, and Blackout traveled to Concord for Spirit Xpress. This competition is one of the most important regional competitions we attend every year because it is both a D2 Summit Bid Event and one of the only competitions where we see a large amount of our local competition before the season ramps up. This long day of cheerleading resulted in three 1st place finishes and 4 zero deduction routines. Thank you to all who came out to support our athletes!

This weekend was the first time that Atomic hit the mat to start the season. Atomic had great timing in their standing tumbling section and will continue working on perfecting their technique for the next competition in late January. They wowed the judges with their flexibility in their elite stunt and sass in their dance. We are so proud of these girls for their hard work and ZERO DEDUCTION routine!

Flash, the newest team at Cheer Energy in the Youth Prep 1.1 division, performed a great routine to start their season and make a name for themselves. Many of the athletes on this team are new to the competitive cheerleading world, but you would never be able to tell from their ZERO DEDUCTION routine that they performed. They hit their elite stunt with confidence and seamless transitions. Great job this weekend ladies and keep striving to perfect your routine. You have come so far!

Fusion impressed the crowd and judges with their unique elite stunt sections and their overall performance. Their routine was so much fun to watch and the energy in the building during their performance was a highlight of the day. Despite a legality in pyramid that will surely be fixed by the next competition, these ladies came through and won their division! Congratulations ladies, all of your hard work paid off this weekend.

Despite their strong opening, it wasn't the day we had hoped for. Voltage debuted a new opening that they executed with confidence. Their solid opening caught the judges' attention and scored well! They also saw technique improvements in jumps and tumble. Their hard work on basket technique paid off with a perfect score on baskets! Two building falls in elite stunt took the wind out of their sails but they recovered quickly. We look for them to use this competition as a learning experience and expect them to come back stronger.

Ignite came out on the mat to perform another ZERO DEDUCTION routine for the second competition in a row. Our Senior 2 team hit a very clean opening with great timing in standing tumbling and beautiful technique. They went on to score a perfect 5 in pyramid and had the crowd cheering. This team has blown us out of the water this season thus far and we cannot wait to see what else they have up their sleeves.

Impulse hit the floor with another great performance this weekend. Aside from a stunt fall at the beginning of the routine, these ladies recovered quickly to finish out the routine near perfectly. They scored a perfect 5 in basket tosses and killed their dance with tons of energy. This team has put on such strong performances this season and it is only just starting. We hope they use this competition as motivation to keep striving to be their best!

The ladies of Blackout had the gym exploding with excitement with the absolutely phenomenal performance they put on the floor. Hitting ZERO pales in comparison to the perfect 5 they had in technique in stunts, pyramid, and jumps. We look for bigger and better things as they continue to heal injuries and work for more perfect scores in other technique areas.

Next up on our competition journey, we have a full weekend with Spirit Xpress in Asheville on Saturday, January 25 (Fusion, Voltage, Ignite, Impulse, Blackout) and All-Day Cheer at Gardner Webb University on Sunday, January 26 (All teams). Both of these competitions are local and we encourage anyone who would like to cheer on our athletes to join us!

Results of the day

Atomic: 1st Place (HIT 0)
Flash: 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Fusion: 1st Place
Voltage: 5th Place
Ignite: 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Impulse: 2nd Place
Blackout: 1st Place (HIT 0)
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