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Sweetheart Classic

Voltage after hitting a great routine!

Welcome back to competition season after a few weeks of break to get back in the gym and perfect our routines. Following the snow this week, our teams headed to Chapel Hill, NC to compete at the Sweetheart Classic. Our entire program from Surge to Blackout took the mat this Saturday and we could on have asked for a better day with our teams.

Surge took the mat in their adorable, brand new uniforms and did an awesome job! The growth from last competition that Coaches Jodie and Amy have seen is beyond what they could have expected.

Sparks had stiff competition this weekend and came up just short of 1st Place by .03 of a point! Although a few of the athletes on this team were battling strep and the flu, they brought their all to the mat with one of their best routines of the season.

Atomic had a great routine today with only a slight problem in the pyramid dismount. Their routine continues to get better and we encourage you all to keep striving to be your best.

Flash overcame the difficulties of the morning with athletes being sick and came out to perform a great routine. Although they were not able to show off their pyramid section to the judges, the stunts and tumbling they did perform were awesome and resulted in a ZERO DEDUCTION routine.

Fusion started the day with a flawless ZERO DEDUCTION routine. Their division was one of the toughest of the day and they came out in the top 3. Keep doing what you are doing ladies, you continue to impress us every competition. (Also apologies to Fusion parents, I was not able to get pictures of Fusion as I was literally running in the door as they were performing, more pictures will be taken throughout the rest of the season)

Voltage hit the best routine they have put on the mat this season with new upgrades to pyramid and elite stunts. After getting a perfect score in tosses and hitting a ZERO DEDUCTION routine, the ladies of Voltage came home with a top 3 placement.

Ignite took the mat and performed a solid routine yesterday. After performing with ZERO DEDUCTIONS, these athletes should be proud of themselves for their placement and performance.

Impulse had a few hiccups yesterday in stunting but landed all of their tumbling flawlessly and put on a great routine otherwise. Keep putting in hard work and keeping up positive attitudes on your path to success this season.

Blackout's division yesterday was stacked full of talent with every team hitting perfect routines. The athletes of Blackout felt great coming off the mat and although they didn't place in first, should be very proud of the performance they put on.

Explosion stole our hearts again this weekend with a great performance among the many CheerAbilities teams at the competition this weekend. Thank you to all of the athletes that assisted with their performance.

Thank you all who came out to the competition to support our athletes this weekend. Next Saturday, February 29 the program will again be traveling to Asheville to compete at 9 Panel Productions and we hope to see you all there again!

Google Drive Link to Action Shots

Click the link below to access the action shots from the day. Feel free to download and share:

Results of the day

Surge (Tiny Exhibition 1): Exhibition
Sparks (Mini Prep 1): 2nd Place
Atomic (Mini 1): 4th Place
Flash (Youth Prep 1): 6th Place (HIT 0)
Fusion (Youth 1): 2nd Place (HIT 0)
Voltage (Junior 2): 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Ignite (Senior 2): 2nd Place (HIT 0)
Impulse (Senior 3): 4th Place
Blackout (Senior 4): 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Explosion (CheerAbilities): Exhibition
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