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Fusion Comes Out On Top

Fusion after winning 1st Place in their division and Level 1 Grand Champions

One of the favorite competitions of the season took place this Sunday in Greenville, SC. Not only is this home to the local football national champions (GO CLEMSON) but is also home to Spirit Solution's regional competition. The teams put on some great performances this weekend, but not without struggles to overcome.

"The moment you give up is the moment you let someone else win."

Sparks put on a great performance this weekend as they showed off their routine that is becoming better every week. We continue to encourage all of them to keep up their excitement the rest of the season.

Atomic put on a great performance and continues to be undefeated this season. The drive of these girls blows us away every competition we can't wait to see how far they go the rest of the season.

Fusion HIT 0 this weekend with one of their best performances to date. Their stunts hit solid and their technique was far beyond what they have previously put on the floor. In addition to winning first, they also were crowned Level 1 Grand Champions.

Despite injury that occurred over the past few days and a week full of illness, Voltage pulled through and hit their routine after throwing another athlete in this morning. Although it was not their best performance, the athletes made the best decisions possible to ensure a clean routine. Thank you to all of these girls for being mature and understanding through the difficulties of this week.

Ignite hit the best routine they have performed all season and should be very proud of themselves. The season has not been easy but the girls of Ignite have come a long way and your coaches could not be more proud of you. Keep up the hard work and good attitudes girls!

Impulse had a few issues throughout the routine but overall hit a very strong routine. The pyramid, which has been an issue throughout the season, hit perfectly today and the stunts looked much cleaner and stronger today. The path to success isn't always making leaps and bounds toward perfection, but taking small steps toward your final goal. Great job this weekend Impulse.

Blackout hit an awesome routine, minus a stunt fall, and put on a show! The stunts were solid and with putting in a new group this week proved they are willing to work hard to achieve success. Although they had a wonderful routine, a few of the athletes had medical issues following their performance. We ask that the Cheer Energy family keep these athletes in their prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. We love you Chloe and Peyton!


Following this competition, we have a few quick reminders of upcoming programs in our gym:

Intro to Allstars: Cheer Prep Program

This program allows athletes to learn the basics of allstar cheerleading before fully committing to the sport. It involves a 5 week class where kids will learn a routine and perform at a local competition. For more information please see the announcements banner on the webpage or our social media pages.

Parent Team

Although practices have already begun, we are having a parent team that will perform at a local competition (the same as cheer prep). No experience is required and everyone is welcome. It is an awesome way to meet other cheer parents and just have fun.

Tryout Prep

Our tryout prep program is a way for local school cheerleaders to heighten their skills before school tryouts this spring. It will be a 2 Saturday program that gives them the opportunity to receive feedback from our experienced coaches. Be on the lookout for more information as tryouts become closer.

Also VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER!! It is still flu season and kids are getting sick very often. Please make sure your kids are washing their hands and taking their vitamin C! Your athletes are very important to our program and we want to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

Results of the Day

Sparks: 1st Place
Atomic: 1st Place
Fusion: 1st Place and Level 1 Grand Champions
Voltage: 1st Place
Ignite: 1st Place
Impulse: 2nd Place
Blackout: 2nd Place
Explosion: 1st Place
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