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A day full of zero deduction routines: 9 Panel Asheville

After a busy day at Chapel Hill last weekend, our whole program traveled up the mountain to Asheville, NC to compete at 9 Panel Championships. Overall, it was a near perfect day for all of our teams and we are incredibly proud of all of the teams.

Surge blew us out of the water today with their routine. We thought they improved last week, but all we have to say about their routine this weekend is WOW. They came out with such confidence and we could not be more proud of these little ladies!

What an awesome day for Sparks. They performed a perfect routine and improved their skills from last week. A few of these athletes powered through sicknesses to make yesterday happen and we are so proud of your dedication to your teammates.

Atomic hit a near perfect routine that has to be one of the best of the season. Their stage presence, technique, and timing are just a few of the reasons they took home the 1st place title of their division.

Today was such a special day for Flash after a long season of hard work! These athletes performed a perfect routine after making a few quick changes at a last minute practice Friday and beat out 5 other teams to become champions. Great job Flash, you all are awesome!

Fusion hit yet another awesome ZERO DEDUCTION routine today. They continue to impress us with the perfection of every routine they put on the floor! The hard work of every athlete and coach led them to another successful day.

We would like to officially congratulate Voltage on receiving a Wild Card Bid to the D2 Summit earlier this week. Today was proof that these ladies are continuing to work hard and improve their routine every competition until the Summit in May. Voltage hit a ZERO DEDUCTION routine this weekend

Sadly, this week we said goodbye to Coach Cody, a coach loved by everyone at the gym. Cody was one of the primary coaches for Ignite and he will be missed as he moves on to great things. Ignite had a few stunting issues that were not typical for this solid team. Aside from the stunting issues these ladies had a great routine. Keep pushing through girls, we all believe in you.

Impulse had a hard day yesterday both physically and emotionally. While in warm ups an athlete had health issues and another was injured, so athletes had to be thrown in as replacements. All things considering, Impulse did a great job coming together as a team with only a few minutes to make the quick changes and hit a near perfect routine with one stunt fall. Please keep these athletes in your prayers as they hopefully have a swift recovery.

Blackout hit a ZERO DEDUCTION routine with a few great saves along the way! They came home 1st in their division and 2nd of the whole day. Great job Blackout!

Explosion hit a great routine routine with the help of some of our other athletes. It is always great to watch out athletes of all abilities come together to show off how awesome these explosion athletes are!

Shock, our parent/coach team performed in the geriatric division (or that's what we like to call them haha). They had the room on their feet as they performed a great routine for the first time this season. This team allows our parents to take part in a sport that their kids love so much. Did you miss out on watching them perform this weekend? They will perform again at Lenoir Rhyne University in March 21st in our hometown of Hickory!

Next on our competition journey Sparks, Atomic, Flash, Fusion, Voltage, Ignite, Impulse, and Ignite travel to Sevierville, TN to compete at Double Down Championships. Although you may not be able to travel with us, don't forget to send good luck to all of our athletes!

Link to pictures

Click here to view the pictures from day. Feel free to download and share!

Results of the day

Surge (Tiny Exhibition 1): Exhibition (HIT 0)
Sparks (Mini Prep 1.1): 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Atomic (Mini 1): 1st Place
Flash (Youth Prep 1.1): 1st Place (HIT 0)
Fusion (Youth 2): 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Voltage (Junior 2): 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Ignite (Senior 2): 4th Place
Impulse (Senior 3): 1st Place
Blackout (Senior 4): 1st Place (HIT 0)
Explosion (Cheer Abilities): Exhibition (HIT 0)
Shock (Parent Team): SHUT IT DOWN (HIT 0)

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