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4 Zero Deduction routines to kick off the Season

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Members of VOLTAGE after hitting their first routine of the season!
"Be humble, be hungry, and always be the hardest worker in the room" -Dwayne Johnson

Cheer Energy traveled up the road to Greensboro, NC to compete at UCA this Saturday to officially begin our 2019-2020 competition season. Fusion, Voltage, Ignite, Impulse, and Blackout took the mat for the first time against their local competitors to complete a near perfect day.


Fusion, debuting in a brand new division this season as Small Youth Level 2, put on an awesome first performance. As always, they brought their cleanliness and performance skills to the mat to put on a great ZERO DEDUCTION routine.


Our Small Junior Level 2 team, Voltage, put on a solid performance today with a clean, ZERO DEDUCTION routine! They displayed their elite stunts very well and pyramid flawlessly. These young ladies blew us away today.


Ignite, Small Senior Level 2, performed a great routine with awesome building technique and clean execution. This team is made up of primarily new athletes to our program and we commend them for how well they have meshed thus far. Congratulations on your ZERO DEDUCTION routine today!


The team to beat this year is arguably our Small Senior Level 3 girls of Impulse. With a stunning routine, solid stunting technique, and great tumbling, these athletes had a great start to the season. Aside from a few timing issues, these athletes hit a ZERO DEDUCTION routine to start off the season! We encourage all of you to keep up the hard work, good attitudes, and drive for success.


Blackout, Small Senior Level 4, performed one of the strongest 1st routines we have seen in a long time in our program. Their stunting technique and timing was spot on and is bounds beyond where they left off last season. We are so proud of this elite team of athletes and their hard work today.

Next on our competition journey, Atomic, Flash, Fusion, Voltage, Ignite, Impulse, and Blackout travel to Concord, NC to compete against local teams before the holiday season. We highly encourage any of our athletes not competing at this competition to come support our older teams and show everyone the powerhouse that we are!

Also we would like to congratulate all of our athletes that competed with their school cheerleading team South Caldwell High School today. They put on an awesome performance after a long day and came out in first place!

Results of the day

Fusion: 4th Place (HIT 0)
Voltage: 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Ignite: 1st Place (HIT 0)
Impulse: 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Blackout: 2nd Place
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