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Voltage, Impulse, and Blackout Kick Off the Season

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Members of our Senior teams show off their stunning new uniforms. Special thank you for the images! Keep tagging us in the memories!

This past weekend, Cheer Energy's highest level teams traveled to Duluth, GA to compete at Double Down Championships. Voltage (SJr3), Impulse (SSr3), and Blackout (SSr4) came out with a bang for the start of the season and put on great performances all around. All three teams show great potential to raise the standard even higher at our next competition. While competing for 1st place in their division, our teams were also vying for a bid to the cheerleading D2 Summit, a highly selective competition held at Walt Disney World in April 2019. The D2 Summit is one of the toughest national competitions of the season and bids are given out not only on score, but also overall impression, energy, judge preference, etc. Bids will be revealed Monday night and will be viewed by the athletes/coaches at the gym. If a Cheer Energy team receives a bid, updates will be made on our Facebook and Instagram pages (@cheer_energy).

If you are following our competition journey this season, 5 of our 8 Cheer Energy teams will be traveling to Raleigh, NC on December 2nd to compete at Cheer Ltd. Fusion (SY1), Voltage (SJr3), Ignite (SSr2), Impulse (SSr3), and Blackout (SSr4) will be competing in this regional competition, some for the first time this season. Follow along as we continue with our successful season!

Day 1

Voltage- 5th Place
Impulse- 6th Place
Blackout- 4th Place

Day 2

Voltage- 5th Place
Impulse- 6th Place
Blackout- 4th Place

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