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Springing Forward with 7 Wins

Members of Atomic finishing a strong routine continuing their undefeated streak

Cheer Energy traveled to Anderson, SC, just outside of Greenville, to compete at Diamond Championships Cheer & Dance. All teams came out to support one another this Saturday in a morning full of early performances.

This week, an individual at South Caldwell High School passed away suddenly. Many members of our program were close to this young boy and we ask that our Cheer Energy family keep praying for our athletes/loved ones as they cope during this difficult time.

"Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others"

Voltage started the day with a strong performance, taking only one deduction. This team came together during a tough week to work out issues and perfect their routine. Please keep members of this team in your prayers as they recover from this difficult and emotional week outside the gym.

Sparks hit a ZERO DEDUCTION routine today as they performed their best they have all seasons. They hit a very clean and confident routine that continues to improve each competition.

Atomic also hit a ZERO DEDUCTION routine to continue their streak of undefeated performances. The girls on this team love one another and just go out on the mat to have fun. Keep the trend going ladies!

Fusion's performance was a learning experience for these young athletes. Although their routine was by no means bad, there were mistakes that will be improved on the next competition. Learning from your mistakes is one of the greatest lessons we receive from this sport and encourage you to push through these obstacles to become your absolute best.

Ignite hit a great routine today performing stunts that had strong technique. The improvements this team has made throughout the season is so encouraging to our other teams and we love the determination of these athletes.

Today was Impulses day! After having difficult routines throughout this season, losing team members, and struggling with teamwork at times, this team finally hit an amazing routine! The way the Cheer Energy family cheered on these athletes is just one reminder of why we love what we do. Congrats on your outstanding performance and full paid bid! You definitely deserve it.

Blackout came out hungry for redemption today after their close loss in Orlando. They came out with an awesome performance, only having one small stunt issue. Beyond the performance, we would like to brag on this team as the cheered on the other Senior 4 team the entirety of warm ups and during their performance. The amount of sportsmanship displayed today was great to see; we are not only raising amazing athletes but also individuals.

Explosion performed another show-stopping routine that brought the crowd to their feet. Great job to the athletes that continue to perform elite level tumbling skills and wow their audience.

Up Next...

Don't forget to join us in 2 weeks at Fever Championships in Hickory at Lenior-Rhyne University. Along with our full season teams, our 2 prep teams and our parent team will be performing. Come out to see what we do and have a day full of fun!

Results of the Day

Sparks: 1st Place, Partial Paid Bid to The Finale
Atomic: 1st Place, Partial Paid Bid to The Finale
Fusion: 3rd Place
Voltage: 1st Place, Partial Paid Bid to The Finale
Ignite: 1st Place, Partial Paid Bid to The Finale
Impulse: 1st Place, Level 3 Grand Champs, Paid Bid to The Finale
Blackout: 1st Place, Level 4 Grand Champs, Paid Bid to The Finale
Explosion: 1st Place
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