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Small But Mighty in Winston-Salem

Members of our Sparks before winning 1st in the Small Tiny 1 division

"Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big. And start now." -Unknown

Our smallest of athletes took the mat in Winston-Salem this weekend at Wake Forest University. Unlike many of our normal competitions where all regular season teams or our upper level teams compete, this competition gave the opportunity for our young athletes to shine. At Champion, Sparks (STiny1), Atomic (SM1), and Fusion (SY1) competed for the first place title against our local competitors.

Sparks took the floor for their third performance this season and are proving to be very talented cheerleaders already. Their stunt technique continues to improve with every practice as seen through their climbing scores. Their attention to detail in formations and their drive to be their best blows us away as coaches. These girls and boys are such a joy to watch this season. Congrats on your first win!

Atomic came with one goal this weekend: winning. Being undefeated this season, these girls were not ready to hand away the title so easily. They fought hard for their placement on Sunday and their hard work paid off. Keep bringing the sass ladies!

Fusion continues to improve as the season continues. Coming off a Grand Champion win, their routine keeps getting better and better and their performance skills are out of this world. Whether its from the opening, pyramid, or dance, these athletes prove that they are not playing around.

Next on our competition journey, our Senior Level 4 team, Blackout, embarks on their senior trip to Orlando, Florida. Although many of us aren't able to attend, send your support for these ladies as they take the nationals stage. Be on the lookout for updates and all the fun that Blackout will have! Good luck ladies!!!

Results of the day

Sparks: 1st Place
Atomic: 1st Place
Fusion: 4th Place
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