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senior trip 2020

It has been way too long since we have been able to say this but.... WELCOME BACK Cheer Energy to competition season!!! We were fortunate enough to travel to Sevierville, TN this weekend to compete at UCA to kick of the season.

Ignite, Impulse, and Blackout stayed in a beautiful cabin where they enjoyed the indoor pool, hot-tub, game room, movie room, and making new friends from other teams. The teams had their Christmas parties on Saturday night where they traded secret Santa gifts.

The competition itself was much different than any competition we have ever attended before. The athletes arrived right at their warm-up time and competed with little down time. The arena was more empty than normal, but our wonderful parents and supporters were sure to cheer on our teams and fill the room with energy. As much as we hate that not all of our CEA family could join us, we are overwhelmingly grateful that we were able to take the mat this weekend.

On Saturday, Ignite took the mat for the first time and hit a zero deduction routine right out of the gates. Sunday they followed their Saturday performance up with yet another zero deduction routine. The pride that every single person had for Ignite this weekend was astounding. They were the last team to finish choreography, but you would never have known with how great they looked this weekend. Ignite received 2nd place in their division, however received an At-Large Bid to the D2 Summit in the Spring. This is the earliest any team at CEA has gotten a bid in a season and we couldn't think of a more deserving team. Congrats to every athlete on Ignite and huge thank you to coaches Madalyn, Penny, and Amy for the hard work you have put into this team.

Impulse overall had a great first competition. Although they had a rough start on Saturday, they came back strong on Sunday to perform a awesome routine. Impulse is one of the smallest teams in the gym, but has some incredible talent and we couldn't be more proud with their first performances of the season.

Blackout had a great routine Saturday with only one stunt issue and some small timing hiccups. Sunday they came out with a fight and performed an incredible zero deduction routine. Placing 2nd in their division, we could not have asked them to leave anything else on the mat. The pride they had for one another after their routine on Sunday left many in tears and it is a true testament to the love they have for one another.

Next on the competition schedule is Athletic Championships in Concord where Voltage, Vortex, Ignite, Impulse, and Blackout will continue their season. Thank you to all who were able to join us this weekend in Tennessee, especially the team moms that were vital to making the weekend a success!

For full gallery of SENIOR SHOWCASE:

For full gallery of UCA COMPETITION:


Ignite: 2nd Place (At-Large Summit Bid Recipient) (HIT 0)
Impulse: 2nd Place
Blackout: 2nd Place (HIT 0)
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