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Blackout Senior Trip in Orlando

Kathryn, Rylee, and Gracie while exploring Universal

"Teamwork: Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success." -Henry Ford

The first of our senior teams to travel on their senior trip was Blackout (SSr4). Senior trips have been a long standing tradition in our program, rewarding the athletes that have put their lives into this sport. In the past we have traveled to competitions like:

Battle at the Capitol in Washington DC (2011)

Supernationals in Indianapolis, IN (2012)

Cheersport Nationals in Atlanta, GA (2009, 2010, 2016)

Nationals at Universal in Orlando, FL (2015)

The memories made on these trips go far beyond cheerleading. Team bonding through activities, sightseeing, parks, etc are one of the best parts of the entire trip. Blackout had an amazing time in Orlando... keep reading to see what happened!

The bus

One of the most memorable parts of a senior trip is the bus ride to the destination. Unusual as it may sound, some of the best memories and the most fun happens in the time spent on a bus. Whether it is watching funny movies, sharing snacks, sleeping, etc, the girls always have a blast! All athletes were required to ride the bus, as it is functional (gets us there and back faster and no one gets lost) and it encourages the girls to enjoy their time with one another. The girls, their parents, and their coaches set off on Thursday after school for Florida, stopping around Savannah for a quick dinner. The bus was used throughout the weekend and was a common meeting spot for the team/parents to regroup before upcoming events. The ride to Orlando was filled with lots of singing (to Justin Bieber of course), dancing, games, and spending time with friends. After arriving late Thursday night, the girls were up and ready to explore on Friday as the fun began.

The Fun

Being in sunny Florida at theme parks is as fun as it gets when it comes to spending time at cheer competitions. At Universal Studios, the girls and their parents rode roller coasters, enjoyed the food, went to shows, etc. We gave the girls Friday as a day to let loose from the stress of the competition and school to just have fun. The girls had a blast, showing off their new apparel and fanny packs while exploring places like Harry Potter World, Jurassic Park, and much much more. Rather than telling you about the fun they had, we thought it best to show you!

Check out this transformation from some of our most devoted cheerleaders (Haleigh, Savanna, Kylie, and Alea) over the years! We love seeing all of our athletes grow together and make friends that will last a lifetime!

The Competition

Apex Championships is a competition new to us this season. With that being said, we were extremely pleased with the way the competition was run, the kindness of our competitors, and the judging of our performances. Blackout came out on Day 1 with an amazing routine, having only a few building issues. Their performance left them sitting in a close second place behind 5-Star Athletics. What a way to start the weekend! With a new mindset and some encouragement given from Chuck Bryant, Blackout came ready to win in their 2nd performance. On Day 2, Blackout hit a ZERO DEDUCTION routine. To say we were blown away is an understatement. Overall the team that came out on the floor this weekend was one we have yet to see this season. CONGRATULATIONS LADIES YOU ROCKED IT!!! Day 2 resulted in a close battle for first and although we may not have won, Blackout put everything out on the mat. As Jodie used to always say:"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is."

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision." -Muhammad Ali

Blackout would like to thank everyone that helped them through fundraisers, all of the amazing athletes that attended their clinics, the gym for being so supportive, and the friends/family that cheered them on from back home. Our teams would not be nearly as successful without the overwhelming support of our community. Again, thank you to everyone involved in making the first of the senior trips a reality!

Next on our competition road trip all of our teams will travel to Anderson, SC to compete at Diamond Cheer and Dance. Continue to follow us on our journey to success this season as new updates will follow every competition.


Blackout: 2nd Place

Results of Day 2:

Blackout: 2nd Place (HIT 0)
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