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All Day Cheer 2021

Fusion (Youth 1) hitting a ZERO DEDUCTION routine the first time on the mat!

This past Sunday's competition in Gaffney, SC was one for the books in so many ways. It was the first competition in the history of Cheer Energy where we were not able to watch our competitors. For many it was the first competition where our athletes had to warm up and compete in masks. It was the first competition where only the Cheer Energy family filled the gym.

However, Sunday was also the first competition where Cheer Energy has competed with 11 teams! Our growing program is making such am impact and these athletes surprise us with their abilities every single day.

We wanted to say a huge thank you to a few people that made the day happen:

First, we would like to thank our team moms for helping corral and organize as our coaches tried to be in 10 different places at once. We truly could not have made it happen without you being our second eyes and ears. Secondly, the athletes that pushed through injuries to make their routines happen and their fill-ins and teammates that helped along the way.

And to every athlete... THANK YOU. Thank you for showing up every single week and rolling with the punches with us. If you would have told us last year that in January 2021 we would be competing through a pandemic with the largest amount of athletes ever in CE history, moved into an incredible facility, and have the ability to put those routines on the floor after countless setbacks, we would have thought you were crazy! So thank you, y'all are awesome!

Parents and fans, please join us February 6 in Columbia, SC for our next competition where all of our teams will be hitting the floor once again!

Link to the photo album:


Surge (Tiny Exhibition 1): Outstanding Performance (HIT 0)
Sparks (Tiny Prep): 3rd Place
Atomic (Mini Prep 1): 4th Place (HIT 0)
Matrix (Mini 2): 1st Place (HIT 0)
Fusion (Youth 1): 2nd Place (HIT 0)
Voltage (Junior 2): 3rd Place (HIT 0)
Vortex (Junior 3): 1st Place (HIT 0) - Level 3 Grand Champ
Ignite (Senior 1): 1st Place (HIT 0) - Level 1 Grand Champ
Impulse (Senior 4.2): 1st Place
Blackout (Senior 4): 1st Place - Level 4 Grand Champ
Explosion (CheerAbilities): 1st Place (HIT 0)
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