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Action Packed Weekend for Cheer Energy!

Athletes from Atomic, Voltage, and Ignite bonding at Sunday's competition

We would like to officially welcome our entire Cheer Energy family to the chaos and excitement that is competition season and congratulate all of our athletes that competed this weekend on their great routines! Although Atomic, Flash, Fusion, Voltage, Ignite, Impulse, and Blackout have all competed this season, Surge (ages 3-4), Sparks (Mini Prep 1.1 Ages 5-8), and Explosion (Cheer Abilities) stepped out on the competition floor for the first time this weekend.

Spirit Xpress

On Saturday, Fusion, Voltage, Ignite, Impulse, and Blackout competed at Spirit Xpress for the chance to earn a wild card bid to the D2 Summit held in Orlando in May. The day was full of stiff competition, however it was an overall successful day for Cheer Energy with all five teams placing in the top 3 of their divisions.

Fusion began the day with a zero deduction performance to wow the judges. Many of our coaches received compliments from our competitors on the caliber of skill and technique in Fusion's performance. The ladies of Fusion came home with the highest score from Cheer Energy!

Voltage put on a great routine for the crowd and ended up beating 6 other teams for the 2nd place spot! These ladies seem to have mastered their routine as they continue to add more skills and better technique. A small stunting issue occurred, however, Voltage quickly recovered as if nothing happened and continued to put on a great performance.

Ignite began their routine strong, however due to an athlete injury, a stunt fall occurred in pyramid. Thankfully, this athlete is okay and Ignite team came back on Sunday to show off their great routine. The commitment to the sport and this team was present this weekend as they all pushed through emotions and pain to support each other. We love you all and your love for one another!

Impulse had an off day on Saturday that led to a few tumbling touch downs and a pyramid issue. The stunts that hit were beautiful and we want all athletes to remember that a bad day does not define you as an athlete, team, or program. As Chronicles 15:7 says, "Be strong and courageous, for your hard work will be rewarded."

Blackout hit a great routine with a few close calls on Saturday to win their division. An incredible save in elite stunt and an action packed performance landed them the 1st place spot in their division. Athletes, way to recover and make smart decisions on the mat!

Results of Saturday

Fusion (Youth 2): 1st Place
Voltage (Junior 2): 2nd Place
Ignite (Senior 2): 3rd Place
Impulse (Senior 3): 3rd Place
Blackout (Senior 4): 1st Place

Photo Gallery Link

Click the link below to access the full photo gallery from Saturday's competition! Feel free to download and share!

All-Day Cheer

Sunday's competition took place at Gardner-Webb University and was a fun day from beginning to end. Thank you to all who joined us to make it such a successful competition full of action packed and great routines. We were also able to see one of our favorite alumni and coaches (Haleigh Kanipe) at her new home where she currently cheers on the running bulldogs.

After a long anticipated wait to start the season, Surge (ages 3-4) took the floor for the first time. Although the excitement of it all may have overwhelmed some, we could not handle the cuteness that they put on the mat. It was a great performance from the entire team and we cannot wait to see what they have to bring to the floor in the future, next time in their brand new uniforms!

Sparks had a fantastic first performance! Just in the past few weeks, this team has come together and accomplished amazing things, as we saw by their zero deduction performance. The stage presence and skills they had were awesome to watch and your coaches want to encourage you to keep up the hard work at practice!

Atomic came back for another zero deduction performance and blew away the competition. They outscored everyone in their division and came home champions. Sunday's routine showed huge growth from their last competition and coaches Jodie, Amy, and Matti are so proud of how far you have come.

The routine that Flash put on Sunday was so fun to watch! It is amazing how far these athletes have come, especially considering for many this is their first year ever in cheerleading! Keep up all the hard work ladies, we are so excited to see how much you shine.

Fusion performed yet another amazing routine and also won their division. Being in one of the toughest divisions in cheerleading, Fusion is proving that big things really do come from small gyms!

The performance that Voltage put on Sunday had a whole new energy than they did the day before. They came back focused and ready to perform. A small timing issue didn't phase them as they recovered well and were fun to watch. Athletes get ready to come in and work hard to be even better for the next competition!

The ladies of Ignite came back with a fire on Sunday to gain back what they missed on Saturday due to an injury. Their routine was solid from beginning to end and the team that we all love to watch was back to displaying zero deduction performances!

Impulse encountered a few stunting issues this weekend, but recovered well throughout the routine. Although these issues in stunting occurred, the skills that they performed in tumbling, jumps, and dance had great execution. We want to encourage these ladies to take this weekend as a learning experience and come in with good attitudes and a drive to be better than before.

Blackout competed for the second time this weekend with a much stronger and exciting routine. Aside from one tumbling issue, their stunts were completed with much better technique and their energy was through the roof.

Explosion put on a show-stopping performance, as they always do! With a few changes in the rules this season, we are encouraging these athletes to really show their skills with minimal help from our volunteers that help this team. Not only did they blow us out of the water with how awesome they were, they ended the routine with a standing ovation from the crowd! Congratulations to these athletes on such a great routine and thank you to all who helped make this possible!

After a long weekend of back to back competitions for our upper level teams, we have a few weeks of break until our next competition at UNC Chapel Hill for the Sweetheart Classic. Although we are not competing for a few weeks, we will be continuing to practice and encourage all athletes to keep up the hard work in the gym. Competition season is just beginning to ramp up and we want to take on the competition will full steam ahead.

Photo Gallery Link

Click the link below to access the full photo gallery from Sunday's competition! Feel free to download and share!

Results of Sunday

Surge (Tiny Novice 1): Outstanding Performance
Sparks (Mini Prep 1.1): 6th Place
Atomic (Mini 1): 1st Place
Flash (Youth Prep 1.1): 3rd Place
Fusion (Youth 2): 1st Place
Voltage (Junior 2): 3rd Place
Ignite (Senior 2): 4th Place
Impulse (Senior 3): 2nd Place
Blackout (Senior 4): 1st Place
Explosion (Cheer Abilities): Outstanding Performance

Spring Programs

Not a part of a program but interested in trying it out with no long-term commitment? Here are a few programs we are offering in February and March to bridge the gap to becoming a competitive cheerleader:

Tumble Clinic:

February 8 9:00-11:00

Ages 8-18 All Skill Levels Welcome

$25 per athlete (or $45 when bundled with stunt clinic)

Stunt Clinic:

February 8 12:00-2:00

Ages 8-18 All Skill Levels Welcome

$25 per athlete (or $45 when bundled with tumble clinic)

Mini Clinic:

February 8 11:00-12:00

Ages 4-7 All Skill Levels Welcome

$10 per athlete

To sign up for any of the clinics click here:

Cheer Prep Program:

This program is specifically designed for athletes that have an interest in competitive cheerleading but are not sure if it is right for them. This program will teach athletes the basics of cheerleading, as well as a 2 minute routine to compete at a local competition. For more information, click the link below:

To sign up click the link below:

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