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Hometown Throwdown in HKY

SHOCK (parent team) putting on the performance of the day!

This weekend touched close to home as athletes competed at Lenior-Rhyne University just across town. Friends and family gathered to watch our athletes compete against some of our most local competition at Fever Productions. Although not a large competition, we used Saturday as a way for the kids to have fun and enjoy being with their friends. The routines performed were amazing and had more life than any other so far!

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try" -JFK


In addition to our regular season teams competing at Fever Productions this weekend, two of our CHEER PREP teams exhibitioned 2 minute routines for their parents and loved ones. For those of you unfamiliar with our Cheer Prep program, we offer a 5 week class to individuals interested in joining Cheer Energy. With competitive cheerleading being such a large time and financial commitment, we highly encourage this program for newcomers to ensure this is the sport they want to invest in. The athletes on Static (ages 4-8) and Electric (ages 9-18) took the 5 weeks of class to perfect motion and jump technique, try new stunts, learn the basics of tumbling, and practice a shortened routine. Having these athletes perform at a local competition introduces them to the competitive world and gives them a taste of what it is we do. We were blown away by the turnout of athletes that participated in this program this season, almost tripling the size of the class from last year! These two teams did amazing on the floor for having such time constraints! Static was adorable with their stunts and facials while Electric performed skills beyond what was ever expected. To say we are proud of these girls and the wonderful coaches would be an understatement. We cannot wait to see the faces who come back to tryout in May! To all the cheer prep athletes, thank you for all your hard work over the past 5 weeks. (Videos of the routines are available below)

If you missed our Cheer Prep classes and are still interested in joining competitive cheer, we would encourage you to join our tumbling/flexibility classes until tryouts and be on the lookout for information about the upcoming season. In addition, if you are interested in joining a local school team and would like to feel more confident in your abilities going into tryouts, we offer a short program of two clinics to better prepare you to make the team. These clinics are taught by our highly experienced coaches that have previously cheered on Varsity teams and are ready to teach athletes tips/tricks to be their best. If you are interested in TRYOUT PREP stay updated with our social media and website for more info/registration.

The standout performance of the competition (although all our teams were amazing) was SHOCK, our parent/coach team. Although we have not had a parent team in a while, we were able to gather around 30 parents and coaches to have fun and experience what our athletes experience every day. With all the laughs, falls, and shenanigans came a very successful routine that we are proud to say our cheer parents created. The parents on this team had little to no experience in cheerleading but gave it their all and had tons of fun. To all the parents that braved performing, thank you from the coaching staff, we truly had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year! (Video of the routine is available below)

Regular Season Teams

To all of our regular season athletes, we encourage you to keep working hard on your routines and perfecting your technique. The routines performed today were strong and continue to improve. Although we only have a few competitions before the 2018-2019 season comes to a close, we want to be bigger and better than ever in the upcoming season. Sometimes it is not about the first place trophies, but becoming your best self.

"Today I will do what others won't so I can do what others can't" -Unknown

Cheer Energy would like you send a huge "thank you" to all of the fans and supporters that came out for the competition. Although the athletes put on the routines, they truly could not do it without you! Next on our competition journey, Impulse (SSr3) travels to the Gaylord Opryland Resort for their senior trip. They will compete at One-Up Championships and will be posting frequently on our Instagram page so be sure to follow along to show your support! Best of luck in Nashville ladies!

Local Teams

One of our services we enjoy most at Cheer Energy is welcoming in local school teams from elementary to college. Over the course of the past few seasons, our coaches have been assisting Appalachian State University's Club Cheerleading team with routine work, music, choreography, etc. They performed an awesome stunt routine this weekend and the Cheer Energy family could not have been more supportive for these sweet ladies. Hickory Christian Academy also performed a great routine at Fever Productions. HCA uses our facility throughout the year and they couldn't be any better people to work with. Congrats to both teams for your performances this weekend, we have throughly enjoyed having you with us in our gym. We can't wait to see what next year holds!

Results of the Day

Sparks: 1st Place (HIT 0)
Atomic: 1st Place
Fusion: 1st Place, Level Grand Champ, Grand Champ (HIT 0)
Voltage: 1st Place (HIT 0)
Ignite: 3rd Place
Impulse: 1st Place, Level Grand Champ, Grand Champ (HIT 0)
Blackout: 1st Place, Level Grand Champ (HIT 0)
Explosion: 1st Place (HIT 0)
Static: Exhibition
Electric: Exhibition
Shock: Exhibition
Cheer Energy Program won BEST OF THE BEST GYM
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